The world's first registered and regulated decentralised smart contract entity
powered by auto-claimable insurance feature and community welfare vault which gives you promising reasonable high returns.
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1.25% returns for every 24 hrs
200% ROI in 160 days
37.5% returns in a month


Registered, Regulated & Developed by Professional Entities
  1. There are no proper analytics or professionals behind other 'Quick rich' smart contract platforms. Moreover, several fake audited reports have been produced and listed on un-organized platforms which claim to be genuine and are devoid of backdoors.
  2. In some cases, even if they do not have back doors, they offer 2-30% ROI for every 24 hours, without any regulated sustainable structure or expert analytics. Hence, they keep on failing and releasing other versions continuously with the same mistakes, which frustrates people due to their unprofessional smart contracts.
  3. Furthermore, most of the platforms promote their business by offering high referral commissions and rewards. Referral commissions are nothing but the money of investors. Therefore, without any proper analysis, these incidents are happening, resulting in complete loss for them.
  4. The structure and protocols of UBC are extremely professional, transparent and provides reasonably high ROI with insurance enabled for your investment. Therefore, UBC is a revolutionary and regulated decentralised financial system which helps change our lives.
  5. UBC is formed to serve the common man.
    We care and love to serve!


SHREEM TOKEN Distribution

UBC SHREEM TOKEN is released on Tron platform. SHREEM TOKEN is compatible with third-party wallets and provides easy-to-use integration.

Now Distribution
10,00,000/ 1 Billion


UBC Smart Contract runs in tron Blockchain

TRON(TRX) is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies in the market and, the best part is, it is affordable with minimal transaction charges. Considering all that, UBC has developed the most reliable, regulated, investment insured, transparent and high-returns-generating smart contract system on the TRON block chain.

1. Get 1.25% ROI for every 24hours and 200% ROI in 160 Days with auto-claimable insurance feature for your investment.
2. UBC's Smart contract has been regulated & audited by certified legal entities.

How does this work?

You will get a return of 1.25% ROI for your investment every 24hours, as follows: When a user deposits TRON(TRX), it is divided into two halves. One half will proceed to the investment vault, while the other proceeds to the insurance vault.

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Our Main Road Map


  • MARCH 2021


  • APRIL 2021
    Decentralised Gaming

    LAUNCH OF UBC Decentralised Gaming

  • APRIL 2021
    Decentralised Lottery

    LAUNCH OF UBC Decentralised Lottery

  • AUGUST 2021
    Listing OF SHREEM Phase - I

    Listing OF SHREEM in UBC Swap

  • AUGUST 2021
    Listing OF SHREEM Phase - II

    Listing OF SHREEM in other Exchanges

  • SEPTEMBER 2021
    Listing OF SHREEM Phase - III

    Listing OF SHREEM in other Exchanges

  • NOVEMBER 2021
    Entrepreneurship Development

    Entrepreneurship development programmes for community members

  • JANAURY 2022
    Community Engagement

    Listening to community members and developing new projects

  • MARCH 2022
    Decentralised Eco-system

    Establishing a completely self-sustainable authentic decentralised eco-system

Frequently asked questions

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network.
Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.
  1. You can buy TRON(TRX) on exchanges like Binance, WazirX, Coinbase, etc.
  2. You need to transfer your TRON to your Tron wallets such as Token Pocket, Klever, Tron link pro.
  3. After depositing your TRON in your TRON wallet, you can open the UBC website and connect your Tron wallet.
  4. Once done, you are ready to go. You can deposit your TRON in UBC’s smart contract programme and get daily ROI for your Deposited amount.
  5. You can withdraw anytime you want and convert it to your local currency in your desired exchange.

With the increasing trend of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading, many new investors are jumping into the crypto market before stock. There are many apps and staking programmes that help investors trade and stake their crypto for higher returns.

Many programmes which found the increased interest, started projects which promised high returns. Mostly they scammed the investors and escaped with the invested money through the back doors.

UBC is regulated by Legal entities, and anyone can check the audit reports. Almost every smart contract has some high risks, but UBC’s Tron smart is programmed in such a way you can get sustainable high returns, which you shall appreciate, surely.

We assure you that once you have gone through the audit report, you shall understand that UBC has genuinely no back doors.

UBC has a general disclaimer that invest only if you understand the programme and what you can afford to lose.


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